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Nonitrusive User Tracking Tip

⚠ UPD: This is kind of outdated. Read about how to create your own web stats in the age of GDPR and Ad Blockers.

What if you want to know a little about your website visitors, without full-on creepy surveillance and 1, JavaScript controlled by the third party? Or don't have JavaScript on the page at all? Just you know, to be aware if anybody is reading your blog at all.

This is kind of outdated infromation. Nowdays you probably want use Cloudflare or roll your own webstats)

I don't want to track every your mouse movement or know browser or resolution. Just visitor page views, please.

So almost every Web Analytics (except Google Analytics, of course) - Clicky, Yandex.Metrica or StatCounter, have an alternative image in <noscript> to track rare visitors without JavaScript enabled.

Put this image, somewhere in your template, and you will still get insights!

By the way, why does everybody need to bring tons of code to show little share button? Whats wrong with old good <a href=...?

  1. Mandatory watch or read 



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