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Run Fish Shell command from any app

I've implemented little script that allows to call Fish Shell prompt from any app. Very handy for running single commands from Double Commander or Sublime Text:

  • Prompts for single Fish command in left bottom corner of given application window
  • To make benefit of Fish shell autocompletion and history
  • Closes after one command is executed
  • If command fails, leaves window to inspect error message

See this animated gif for example.

For example you want execute git clone [email protected]:dmi3/bin.git in current directory from Double Commander:

  1. Press Shift+F2 and terminal window appears in left bottom corner of Double Commander window
  2. First you want git and clone to be autocompleted using Fish
  3. During clone process you want to see git command output to monitor progress
  4. If everything is ok, prompt will close
  5. In case of error you will have chance to read error message

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