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Remap Ctrl+C in Kitty terminal

Kitty terminal is awesome, and you should definitely try it.

Only thing I found tricky is how to bind termination of the running process (sending SIGINT on Ctrl+C) to a different key combination.

I like when all applications have consistent hotkeys. And the different meaning of most common hotkey (copy) in terminal always bothers me. So I use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+shift+c for process interruption.

To fix that, add to kitty.conf:

map ctrl+c  copy_to_clipboard
map ctrl+v  paste_from_clipboard
map ctrl+shift+c send_text all \x03 # SIGINT

Take look at my config for more useful options.

PS: And by the way, if you want to get nice color scheme for Kitty, you could use Terminal Color Scheme Designer, export to Termite and replace = with .

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