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Hey Kids, today I'll teach you something useful. If strangers or shady websites ask for your name or email, never give them the real one! Or they spam or phish you later. So open your textbooks shell rc files and type this 3 functions:

  • Use this to get a random name. How about Helen Lovick? Roger Rice? Betty Warren anybody?
  • When BugMeNot is not available. Use random email for registration on random websites. Generate random email in one of Mailinator subdomains and get a link to so you can check it right away. Get a new identity and email in seconds!
  • And of course don't forget to generate strong random password!

Bonus tip:

  • Don't know how to name file/project/branch/file? Out of ideas? Make the name memorable! Use this to get Docker-like aliases: thirsty_mahavira, boring_heisenberg...


  • Please only use this for good purposes! Don't try to fool the good guys. Trick only the bad guys!



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