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How to manage archives in Linux properly

  • All GUI archive managers in Linux suck1. Command line is much better, but when using GUI file manager I want to have basic actions (create/extract/mount archive & install package) available in right click menu.
  • You don't need GUI tool to browse archives. Much better solution is to mount it, so you can browse archive in file manager of your choice and open in associated applications without extraction.
  • While archive is extracted I want see terminal that shows progress. After extraction terminal is closed. If there's error during extraction I want to terminal left open to see error message (extract-command || true)

Tested with PCManFm in Lubuntu 16.04 with .7z .rar .zip .tar.gz .iso... etc.

Source on Github

  1. C'mon why file-roller randomly extracts ton of files in same folder where archive is located? Why it can't create folder and extract files there instead of polluting my Downloads directory? Or why in case of error it silently quits? How should I know that only half of archive contents were extracted because of error? 



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