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Why do we need images in terminal?

Kitty is a wonderful terminal app for Linux and macOS. But it gets much controversy and angry comments like Why the heck do we need images in the terminal?

Answering this question:

  1. Plotting graphs and getting knowledge from Wolfram Alpha
  2. Not all scripts output text nowadays, especially ML stuff. Why leave the terminal to review computation results?
  3. Some CLI file managers have preview feature. Cool, but Double Commander is still the best.
  4. QR codes are convenient. Just pipe output to qr to quickly transfer snippets of text to your phone.
  5. Printing large HQ album art of the currently playing song in Spotify. Albumart in Spotify App is very small. Some album covers have great details and interesting to look at. It's part of the experience!
  6. Printing color-adjusted xkcd in your terminal, to match terminal color scheme. Because where to read XKCD, if not in the terminal, right? I really like it white on black because this way it looks like a chalkboard doodle.

XKCD in terminal!



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