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How to label microSD cards?

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Labeling Micro SD Cards

Labeling Micro SD Cards

Let me give y'all another simple everyday advice! I've almost stopped using USB Drives because microSD cards are much more portable and convenient, especially if you have the right holder and right card reader. The only inconvenience is to distinguish them once you have many.

Recently I've discovered a perfect way to label microSD cards:

  1. Using white permanent marker paint one side
    • Best results are if you let it dry for 30 seconds then repeat 2-3 times
  2. Using extra fine (0.5mm) black permanent marker label them
  3. If you ever need to change the label either:
    • Repaint the new layer with a white marker (step 1)
    • Remove all paint using alcohol pads

This approach was proven much better than correction liquid because it holds and does not crumble over time.



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