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Portable Genesis

So along with playing Classic Console Games on my TV I occasionally want something portable to pass time on plane and hotel. Some guys are installing RetroArch to their Android phones and connecting controllers1 via Bluetooth, but I have alternative OS :/. Some are hacking PSPs, but its kindof bother to find good one cheap, then hack it. I'm also was looking at Dingoo A320 for a long time, but it's discounted now, and more expensive than PSP.

Suddenly I found awesome solution to play Genesis Games - little thingy called PXP 3.

UPD: I found a better toy

  • It costs 15€ for brand new and shipping on ebay! Still can't believe that they managed to implement stuff with screen so cheap.
  • Cool thing that its ready to play. So you don't need to experiment with incompatible emulators/roms just plug cartridge and play.
  • If you search for reviews, you may hear that screen is blinking and sound is awful. Its might be true for old versions but I have newer one, with ok screen, and surprisingly good sound.
    • To buy new - search for PXP3 slimstation 16bit 2016 or md-2700 or just look for one with 2 cards/cartridges (old had only one card))
  • It seems that this is not emulator, but real clone of Sega Nomad thats even more awesome. So no lags/incompatibilities.
  • I realy like that they made with cartridges:
    • Its random so you have that thrill of finding gems in pile of... em... stuff. Trust me there are ones. Mine had Sonic, Mortal Combat, Sokoban, Toy Story and Guntar Heroes. Surprisingly modern-made bootleg Angry Birds also included.
    • Games are completely random. 80 is built in than there 2 cartridges with around 30 games on each. Oh that good old 999999 in one trick.
    • If you persuade friend or colleague to also buy one, you can exchange cartridges like in good old times :)
  • Its even possible to connect it to TV, if you still have one with AV input (tested - it works, but I already have Fire TV for such purpose)
  • Theres also 8bit version available if you keen to play Nintendo/Dandy/Zhiliton games. Search keywords are PXP3 8bit
  • There are ones with different button layouts. Don't buy them as it is crap! You need find one on ebay that looks exactly like this:



  • Theres no 3.5 headphone jack, so you need to buy adapter "3.5mm female to RCA female" which costs ~1$ on ebay or your local audio shop
  • As this is not emulator but real thing, no savegames for you!
  • Fun fact: buttons have cryptic symbols instead of A,B,C. But there's no X,Y,Z which were reqired in rare games.
  • A buttons is kind of broken so you need to smash it hard. And its usually secondary button anywasy.

  1. 8bitdo NES30 Pro is best option 



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